Our team created AIHealth out of a National Yang Ming National University first as a R&D initiative to develop AI assisted technologies that can augment and support the traditional healthcare and pharmacy model. Our goal to build a sustainable ecosystem for developing AI technologies that provide social wealthfare and healthcare improvements to the citizens of Taiwan and the world continues today.


AIHealth was founded with that aim of developing AI technologies that can positive social impact on healthcare making a difference to patients caregivers, and doctors.



The benefits from AI technologies have the power to transform medicine, delivering new, assistive technologies that will empower doctors to better serve their patients.


We believe AI innovation should play a key role in rethinking and changing the way we design,

organize, finance, and deliver health and social care services.

Designing Products

Bringing the power of AI technology into cost effective healthcare IoT products that feed intelligent AI Engines we are providing transformative results for patients and medical providers.

Assisting Doctors

The AIHealth AI assisted doctor platform will shorten wait-times, increase accuracy of diagnosis, help identify changes in patients, improve early dedication and improve efficienies for doctors.

Enabling Research

Using AI to analyze and identify patterns in large and complex datasets faster and more precisely, we are enabling research that will be used to provide better quality of care and improve treatment accuracy.

Increasing Innovation

Through our living labs, research initiatives, and education programs, we aim to accelerate knowledge transference and innovation and build a sustainable ecosystem or AI technology development.

Saving Lives

Emergencies, or rapid declines can happen, and using AI to identify not only current changes, but also predict future changes or potential changes. With a digital link to the doctor, we can detect diseases and emergencies earlier to save lives.

Reducing Costs

AIHealth initiatives aim to reduce the costs by allocating healthcare resources more efficiently and managing treatment and drug adherence to meet the growing burden being placed on healthcare providers.

Improving Care

We aim to increased satisfaction and access to care. Through our living labs and AI IoT products we are providing patients and doctors with greater resources to ultimatelu improve quality of life and satisfaction of care.

Doing Good

We believe that AI technologies can have a substantial economic and societal impact, AIHealth aims to areas a net positive benefits in both areas aims to lead the way internationally with keystone "AI for Good" projects.


Working closely with private sector players and international collaborators,
AIHealth is driving innovations and building a sustainable ecosystem
for the development of AI IoT technologies.


AIHealth intelligent ambient hospital environments accelerate research
and development of IoT products and give promise of transforming
the way healthcare is delivered.

Intelligent Environments

Using the latest in ambient intelligence our AIHealth Intelligent Hospital spaces enable the implementation of a smart environments within hospitals to collect user data to train our AI engines and provide better quality of care.

Ambient Intelligence

Ambient intelligence  refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. In an ambient intelligence world, devices work together to support people in carrying out their activities, using information and intelligence that is accessed in the network.

Architecture Design

We design the architecture and intelligent environment to interact with our IoT products and other physical objects in the living labs in order to augment a typical hospital room with smart features that assist both patients and medical staff.

Rapid Innovation

Our LivingLabs act as accelerators for innovation creating ecosystem to develop services and products that are ready to make use of the rapid advancements in disruptive technologies in advancements in IoT, Blockchain, ML and AI.

Share Resources

Use in operating rooms to show when the when it is use and generate insights into surgery needs. Optimize the usage of equipment and decrease costs, while creating benefits for patients, doctors and hospital staff.

Foster Interaction

Interaction points within the hospital, passive and active nodes, allow digital interaction with variety of objects, making it a better connected more efficient environment, for patients, doctors and hospital staff.

Reduce Costs

Intelligent devices within the living lab allow for the monitoring of a full range of assets like expensive equipment, fire & safety, computers, outpatient rooms. managing them efficiently in a way that has not been possible before.

Create Awareness

Interaction points and nodes allow for greater security and awareness to detect movements and send a real time alerts to the proper personnel to take action for early response and increased safety and care.

First In Taiwan

The AIHealth LivingLab in Beitou will be the first living lab for mental health care in Taiwan. Within the intelligent environment we are using different devices to collect clinical unstructured data which are valuable to develop our AI engine to improve and develop clinical research.

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We are committed to the sharing of knowledge, research, tools, datasets, and
other resources through our education programs, workshops,
conferences and internships.


In order to facilitate knowledge transfer and build up the ecosystem for sustainable AI development, we are working with our academic and private sector partners to deliver targeted workshops and educational courses that will train new interns, research assistants, and data scientists in the latest meta skills needed to excel in an AI driven healthcare field.

AI for Healthcare

Learn about how AI is transforming healthcare and what skills are needed to be a part of the revolution. Access documentation, installation instructions, feature references, and advice for development.


Discover how AI can benefit
humanity and be a catalyst
for Good. Learn about the privacy
and ethical concerns and get
involved through policy and
advocacy. Learn what you can do
to be a part of the solution.


To facilitate a bold our research vision, AIHealth has formed partnerships between industry and universities
to accelerate innovation and help deliver solutions to pressing social challenges.

Medical Adherence

Using AI to study the pattern of medication adherence among patience with mental illness to improve the lives of those suffering from mental illness. This group is vulnerable to poor medication adherence due to clinical symptoms, drug side effects, and poor supportive environment.

Disease Detection

Using deep learning to train algorithms to recognize diseases at a level comparable to trained physicians. By increasing the data layer of the DIKW model, AIHealth takes data collected by patience and turns it into knowledge and wisdom and a single integer score that can be used to create a reliable model for detection.

Service Delivery

Artificial intelligence with its capability to draw intelligent inferences based on vast amounts of raw data is changing the way we deliver services and treatments. Within our intelligent environments we have access to vast amounts of patient data that is streamlining processes and providing better quality of care.

Personalized Treatment

More effective treatment can be administered based on individual health data paired with predictive analytics, and better disease assessment. Using supervised learning, physicians can select from more limited sets of diagnoses, and estimate patient risk based on symptoms and genetic information.

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To accomplish the goal of sustainable innovation, AIHealth is helping to create an influential environment and attract an extensive group of data scientist, AI experts and researchers – people that are intrinsically motivated to convene, present, and share. Meet our team of researched, advisors, and commercial partners.

Dr. (Ivy) Tsai Yiwen

Principal Investigator
Professor Tsai Yiwen is the director of Economic Analysis of Health or Health Care Policy at National Yangming

Jesse Arlen Smith

Commercial Director
Jesse is an experienced entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and disruption strategist, driving innovation using Artificial Intelligence

Adrian Kyle Blackwood

Technology Director
Innovation is not a stand-alone affair. Much like the best culinary inventions; the best ingredients masterfully combined yield the most interesting, intriguing and ultimately popular recipes.

Sebastian Grede

Data Scientist
Data Scientist and quantum physicist who has experience in development operations and artificial intelligence


Our R&D laboratory is located at
National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan


National Yang-Ming University
AIHealth Research Center
No. 155號, Section 2, Linong St, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112


+48 555 896 0568 188